Cyber Trust Association – Shop with Confidence

Buyer Safety for Collectibles

Cyber Trust Association – Shop with Confidence

Rogue Classifieds serves buyers and sellers of collectibles and other fine items who live and work around the world.

All advertising members of Rogue Classifieds have the opportunity and use of the Cyber Trust Association (CTA) platform to attest to the policies of fair and honest business policies and practices to respond promptly and professionally to all questions, comments, complaints and other reasonable requests regarding their web pages or the items and products and services offered by them.

Sellers displaying the CTA Trusted Seller Guarantee button along with their merchandise or listing on the Rogue Classifieds website agree to the CTA buyer/seller assurance policy which guarantees their customers the right to return any goods (in original shipped condition) that were ordered through the seller’s web site for any reason within a minimum of 7 days after receipt of goods. In most cases, unless the product was not as represented or became damaged in shipping, the cost of shipping is not subject to refund. Check with the individual seller for details.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your purchase that cannot be resolved with the seller and that is not already covered by a third party; such as, but not limited to postal insurance; purchases covered under your credit card purchase agreement; or, automatic purchase coverage from online payment services such as PayPal… your online purchase from any CTA seller displaying the CTA Trusted Merchant button is guaranteed by CTA for up to $500 of the purchase amount. To qualify for a refund under the CTA Trusted Seller Guarantee, customers just need to contact Rogue Classifieds/CTA within 14 days of their purchase.

Purchases of merchandise from sellers not displaying the “TIAS Trusted Merchant Guarantee” button may be guaranteed by Paypal or your credit card provider. Check with your preferred payment service for details regarding their online purchase coverage.

Customer comments regarding purchases or seller conduct are subject to review by CTA and Rogue Classifieds. Sellers who are found to be in violation of website rules will have their advertised items removed, and will also be banned from conducting further business through Rogue Classifieds. For assistance, email: