Classified Ad Posting Tips

Classified Ad Posting Tips

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The internet is a very competitive world. Every day thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs place classified ads to sell or promote their products and services. To stand out and be noticed, you probably realize the need to be different and unique. The last thing you should want is for your ad to become just another ad on the page.

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There are three keys to a successful classified ad…
Attention – Engagement – Action. First, get the reader’s attention, make them aware there’s a very good chance you have what they’re looking for, once you have their interest, load them up with features and benefits. Then, give them an easy and convenient way to take action. We’ve put together a list of quick and easy tips and tricks that we’ve seen get the best results for our customers:

Make your ad stand out…
Classified ads that employ colors, unique type and photos usually attract more eyes than run-of-the-mill text only ads. Just check the competition… every day there are listings that stand out from the others. Some of the most useful features we offer to do this are the ‘Featured Ad’ and Web Graphic options for your Online ad and adding a photo (where applicable) in Print. Also, don’t forget to use a headline that grabs the reader’s attention.

Make your copy complete…
This means two things: know what is important to people browsing in your classified category, and make sure you touch on those points; and use complete sentences – they’re easier to read than a series of phrases and random words. Put yourself in the customer’s place. If you were browsing the classified ads, what would grab your attention? What words or phrases would make an ad stand out from the rest for you?

State a price or a range…
State a price, even if it’s high or low. If you’re high, explain why it’s worth it (for example: one of a kind, luxury item, hand-crafted, etc.), and if it’s low, be sure to mention that it is a great deal and also explain why the price is so low (for example: moving, quick sale, special purchase).

Include a point of contact…
It goes without saying, but if you have no way for a reader to contact you in the ad, you’re not going to get a response. Include multiple forms of contact such as a home and cell phone number or your email address. Also, if you are only available to answer a call during certain hours, make sure you state that in your ad (for example: call after 9pm, leave a message, etc.)

Name brand names…
If you are selling name brand merchandise, be sure to name the brand (and model, if pertinent) in the ad – the more specific the better. People want to know exactly what it is you’re selling before they call and the more information you can provide, the better. Think of it as if you are a customer in a shop, would you prefer to know the specifics of a product or just a general idea of what it is?

Let white space in print work for you…
This is an important layout element in classified advertising because the average classified page is heavy with small type. The more “empty” space in your ad, the more it will naturally be noticed. Boxing an ad (adding a simple border around it) automatically creates white space around it, which in turn automatically draws the eye.

Provide a call-to-action when it makes sense...
By ending your ad with a call to action such as “12 hour sale,” “this week only,” or “call now, won’t last long”,” you add extra incentive for the interested buyer to call you first.

Checklist – Every classified should include at least the following where it’s appropriate:

• Price
• Make and model
• Size and color
• New, used or reconditioned
• Service or warranty
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Crafts on Rogue EPage Classifieds

Selling Tips – Starting a Craft Business

Selling Tips – Starting a Craft Business

There’s a saying, “Do what you love and love what you do.” This age old piece of advice is probably the single largest driving force behind the people who make the admirable and worthy effort to turn crafts that they love creating into viable businesses of varying sizes. Here’s a video that provides insight from A to Z on making money from home by being an artisan and craftsman with the help of the internet.

Rogue EPage Classifieds gives crafty enterpreneurs a valuable shot in the arm by providing a great place to advertise and market your products and business. Follow the advice of this “been there, done that” business owner on how she started and grew her craft business. It’s a very worthwhile and helpful story as well as a recipe for success.

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Rogue EPage Classifieds are the best online classifieds.

Better Than Craigslist

Better Than Craigslist

Without a doubt, Rogue TV EPage Classifieds is a far better option for meeting your classified advertising needs and efforts than restrictive and over-regulated Craigslist. With more tools, features and better policies than Craigslist, Rogue Classified Ads is poised and designed to more effectively distribute your advertising messages and promotional information.

For example, Craigslist ad insertion policies prevent an advertiser from adding a clickable link to ad copy or text to drive traffic to the advertiser’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account. Whereas, Rogue Classified Ads makes it easy to accommodate advertisers with websites, videos and social media pages who want and need visitors on their web properties.

Additionally, when you post a free ad on Rogue TV EPage Classifieds, you are automatically posting the same ad on 30,000+ classified advertising sites across the Net through the Adconnect Network. So, not only do you have a more facilitating partner with Rogue Classifieds than you do with Craigslist… you have far wider distribution and readership of your sales and advertising messages.

Finally, whenever you post to Craigslist always check and make sure your ad or posting is actually showing on their website in the category you chose. If you have any experience as a Craigslist poster, you probably know there can be as much as a 20-minute delay in your ad or posting actually being visible on their website. Yes, you do get an email confirmation stating that your submission was received… complete with an (URL) address as to where your ad can be seen. However, this email does not prove your ad is actually showing in the search results. You should always go back to Craigslist later (give it 30-minutes to be safe) and verify for yourself that your ad is really posted to the category you chose.

During testing of actual ad visibility, results showed that up to 50% of the time submitted ads were not visible in the published results as a poster would believe or assume. You can figure this issue is a problem or frequent error in the Craigslist publishing process, and also assume it wastes a lot of your time and effort when your submitted ads do not end up being visible on the Craigslist site. Try it yourself.

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