Rogue Classifieds FAQ

1. Are ads on Rogue Classifieds free?
Rogue ads are absolutely free.
However, we provide several upgrade options which can enhance or make more effective your advertising campaign in addition to what our free ads do.

2. Where does my ad appear?
Your ad appears in the category to which you posted it, and it is linked to the specific location to which you’ve decided it to be linked. You can post in more than one category if there is a crossover element in your ad that potentially appeals to another audience.

3. How long will my ad stay listed on the classifieds?
Your ad can stay indefinitely if it is being renewed on a regular basis. Additionally, if you start as a free member, you can extend the life of your ads by upgrading your membership level. If you purchase any paid services, from your ad can potentially stay indefinitely.

4. How do I change my ad?
Log into your account then click on the “My Account” tab, then just click “Edit” next to the ad you wish to change.

5. What are some examples of ads posted at Rogue Classifieds?
Please visit this page which will show you ads in one of our “Vehicles” categories. Browse ads and visit other sub-sections from this category.

6. How often I can submit my ads and how many?
You can place an unlimited number of ads if the url you are submitting is unique. You can place up to two ads with the same url. You can purchase one of our premium services and make your ad more visible and prominent by adding colors, highlighting, font styles and so on. There are no limits to the frequency of your ads, but since our ads are manually approved if there is notice of multiple mass-submitted ads, they may not be approved.

7. How many sites did my ad go to?
Your ad goes to one database which is being linked-to from over 29,000+ sites of our affiliates. Our affiliates create entry points to the ad network and directory which vastly expand our distribution. So essentially, when you post an ad here you are actually posting your ad on thousands of other classified ad sites.

8. How to submit an ad to our ad network.
Click here to see instructions. Click here to insert free ad.