Rickenbacker Sign

This attractively distressed and weathered aluminum metal sign replicates … a service advertisement for Rickenbacker Cars — a company started in 1922 by the legendary pilot and fighting ace, Eddie Rickenbacker. The Rickenbacker Motor Company was based in Detroit, Michigan from 1922 until 1927.

In January of 1922 the first Rickenbacker touring cars, sedans, and coupes made their debut at the New York Auto show. The engine was a three-main- bearing six cylinder, 218 cubic inches, 58 hp with a speed of 60 mph. The cars were vibration less with two flywheels at either end of the crankshaft. This was an idea Rickenbacker had come up with while flying over Germany. He had been amazed at the German planes maneuverability and on inspection of several engines, found a flywheel at the end of the crankshaft. Also new on the Rickenbacker was an experimental chassis with four-wheel brakes.

Price: $19.95 Ordering details here. Includes mounting holes. 14″x 8″. Made in the USA.