Rustic Unisex Copper Necklaces

Rustic Necklaces

Rustic Unisex Copper Necklaces
Handcrafted in Colorado of leather and reclaimed copper, our nature-inspired … necklaces reflect the artist’s endeavor to create works of wearable art with earth-friendly materials that display organic spirit and character! Appealing to men and women alike, the copper pendant features your choice of Howling Wolf, Soaring Raven or Frolicking Horse design, provided with a naturally rustic patina to highlight the animals and emphasize the organic characteristic. Pendant hangs from a durable, adjustable leather cord.

Recycled Materials : The pendant is crafted with reclaimed copper using sustainable and responsible creation methods. Although crafted of pure copper metal, the “pure” copper may contain trace elements of zinc and/or tin, which are considered beneficial nutrients similar to copper. However, the copper is completely nickel-free.

Adjustable Sizes: The length of the leather necklace can be adjusted using the slip knots. To adjust the length, move the knots in equal amounts, sliding them until the lengths are equal. Adjustable from a 15″ choker up to 25″ long. Because they are handcrafted no two are exactly alike.

Each necklace is only $29.99. Click here for ordering details.

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