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Selling Your Jewelry Designs Online

Selling Your Jewelry Designs Online

In this video, John Ahr outlines the basics of selling your jewelry. He presents ideas for developing your brand identity and bringing your products to the public arena. You can easily take your products public by using the classified advertising available to you here on Rogue EPage Classifieds.

There are many things to consider before you attempt to sell your jewelry design ideas to the public. This video covers some of the basics designers should consider before placing any advertising either online or off, or before booking a booth at their first craft fair or gem and jewelry show.

This “How To” provides viewers with information that is helpful if you are working toward putting a jewelry line into production. If you like this video, check out the other two videos in the series. Additionally, the OJA playlist includes a variety of videos full of useful tips and project ideas. You can find the complete playlist on the OJA’s website at: Online Jewelry Academy.

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