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The 2 Million Dollar Doll Collection

The 2 Million Dollar Doll Collection

Doll crazy Kathy Libraty is barely visible within the view of her astonishing collection of antique dolls – worth a whopping £1.23m (app. $2 million). Every inch of the 52-year-old’s home is filled with over 1000 of the figures she has been collecting for over 25 years. Fanatic collector Kathy is so obsessed with dolls she now has to smuggle new editions into her massive collection and into her home in order to avoid her husband who has declared ‘no more’.

But along with pretty daughter Elisa, 19, even soulmate Frank, 52, gets roped into helping her repair and organize her vast assortment. Kathy’s collectible dolls – ranging from two inches to over three feet high – come from all over the world including countries like Germany, France and the Far East. Some individual models are over 170 years old and all cost between £30,000 (app. $39,000) and a meagre 60p (app. 70-cents). Included in the range are famous figures like Henry VIII and his six wives, Victorian dolls from the 1900s, voodoo dolls, and even some from the 1880s used to smuggle opium.

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